Colour genetics puzzle Dalmatian

What kind of colours/patterns could result from crossing these two dogs?


I have assumed genotypes for the two parents that represent the standard colours.

Attention: For the S-locus I have used the abbreviations as assessed by Laboklin (i.e. N for non-shading and S for shading). In black and merle offspring smaller white markings might occur – these cannot be detected by genetic testing.

The combination of Irish spotting and an allele S (Piebald) usually results in a pseudo-Irish spotting.

One must not forget that Dalmatian spotting is caused by modified ticking. So in white pied areas the offspring are spotted.

How “Harlequin” (i.e. M/m H/h) interacts with ticking is not known – I simply assumed that H/h suppresses spots faded by M and leaves black spots.

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